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When you choose a future (re)make, it’s a decision to weight the course of events in your favour. It means changing the trajectory of your organisation to achieve an outcome that is outside the range of its current approach.

However, when anything is possible but nothing is certain, how do you know if a transformation is right for you?

it begins with a vision & purpose

As change makers, we know there have never been so many opportunities for business. However, organisations often shortchange themselves with too narrow a focus or by underestimating the change process.

Without a clear vision and a vivid understanding of purpose, a transformation can quickly become a confused, misdirected and expensive project that leaves people feeling caught between the systems of the past and the uncertainty of change. All the while, the market moves ahead, opening the gap between potential and actual performance. 

articulate the direction

articulate the direction

It is not enough to have a vision of the future and a purpose for change unless you can convey them as a direction around which people can rally and a story people can tell.

You would be surprised how often teams tell us they are hesitant about change because the organisation’s language is ambiguous and lacks a clear narrative about its intentions.

If it’s time to revisit your vision and purpose (or develop them for the first time), we can help you articulate the change direction and bring your people on board.

diagnose the situation

We don’t take it on face value that what looks like a good idea initially is the right one to go with. Equally, we don’t assume that something that worked for another organisation will work for you just because they happen to be in the same industry.

Change cannot be left to guesswork. We will undertake a diagnostic so that data not assumptions informs your work. It means we can target the areas that will make the most difference and identify the potential stumbling blocks early.

We will focus your limited time and resources  on achieving the best results based on the right solution. 

design for success

design for success

Do your people understand what success looks like? What are the shared values and ways of working that are the bridge between your ‘today’ and your desired ‘tomorrow’? How will they be put into practice so they become your ‘rules of engagement’ for everyone in your organisation?

Organisations that develop their culture, capabilities and capacity around values – with their customers at the centre –  are those best positioned to get real value from their change project.

Once expectations are clear, we work with you to follow an iterative, quality-driven process to ensure we aren’t addressing the right problem with the wrong solution.

drive for results

With the right preparation, once the change process begins, we can move quickly and smoothly, minimising time, cost and disruption.

Properly set up, your change initiative will:

  • Deliver on your significant goals, not just the incremental targets
  • Enable you to adapt when opportunities present themselves
  • Proactively anticipate and address risks and threats
  • Respond and adapt to shifts, trends and disruptions AS PART of the change
  • Take into account relevant factors for example, rising costs, supply chain issues and legislative changes

Just because the future cannot be predicted, it does not mean it cannot be managed.

drive for results

our approach to change management