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84% of digital transformations fail

We put you in the top 16% to succeed, focusing on who'll be implementing the change.

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Getting to the benefits can be complicated. We streamline the process so you can take full advantage of the benefits of your digital capabilities.


We work with companies who know they need to transform in order to become all they can be. To be the kind of company that leaves a legacy. A company that is sustainable, significant, and recognisable. Who knows that to create that legacy, it takes a transformation involving: people, processes, systems, digital.

meta management helps leaders and teams realise their goals through the skills, alignment, and capabilities of their workforce.

The issue is any change can trigger a powerful ripple that can destabilise the whole. When destabilisation happens, change fails. Most management consultancies can give you a roadmap. But when ripples destabilise, the map needs to change. This is why a roadmap is not enough. In fact, having a roadmap alone is why over 80% of transformations fail. What you need is an approach that is responsive, like water. That moulds to fill the gaps, absorbing the ripples and is self-sustaining.

We at Meta Management will give you the skills, alignment and capabilities to be agile, fluid and responsive like water. We have the experience to prepare for and counter destabilisation and help your teams find a firm footing through each and every change, to achieve sustainable and lasting transformation so you can flourish. 

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why meta management?

We are a small organisation that understands the importance of being lean and bringing whole teams along with any change. Digital transformations must provide real-world benefits – like added productivity, a happier workforce empowered to capitalise on its strengths, up-to-date systems that support senior management through to the frontline, and that results in good customer experiences, and of course, more revenue and profit. 

With three decades’ experience in change management, specialising in the needs of small to mid-tier companies and family businesses we are attuned to the opportunities for accelerated growth – and avoiding the pitfalls that can derail transformations.

Our values guide everything we do. Our mantra is to add value at every interaction. For us, success is measured by our customers’ successes and the positive outcomes for their suppliers, workers and communities. 

(re)make your future: when culture meets capabilities

Business in our rapidly changing, hyper-connected digital age is less planning and process and much more purpose and culture.

The skills and attributes that drive success are well understood – but can be hard to actualise. Skills like adaptability, collaboration, agility and a willingness to implement change are core. Our expertise is in those skills. We bring culture to life, aligning company and personal drivers so values become purpose-filled action. 


Advancing technologies and digitised connectivity have made digital capabilities, from basic computer skills through to digital transformation, essential for every enterprise to stay ahead of the competition.


Succeeding in a fast-changing environment takes a workforce organised into adaptive and autonomous teams. Break open their potential with agile, collaborative and human-centred ways of working.


Effective organisations are those whose people who are able to evaluate any situation accurately, make sound decisions and act quickly and confidently to achieve a positive outcome for all stakeholders.


The shift of work to higher order skills has made personal competencies, such as resilience, time management, continuous learning and expectations management, critical for personal and organisational success.


Moving quickly and confidently even as business grows ever more complex, fragmented and unpredictable is achieved with a multi-dimensional approach that includes creative, innovative, critical and design thinking.


As digital technology moves and reduces service touchpoints across the customer journey, growing loyal customers will depend on teams able to develop solutions to deliver holistic customer experiences.

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