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Meta Management was established in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia to fill what was then an unmet need in values-based management, that is where success is measured in both profits and positive outcomes for customers, suppliers, workers and communities.

Our strengths in organisation behaviour, futuring, entrepreneurship, diverse thinking and intangible asset management combine with an business-minded focus and operational pragmatism to offer holistic solutions for success in the digital age.

Our approach is facilitative, effecting a transfer of skills from us to you in order that you can be architects of and navigate confidently towards your desired futures.

We believe in the power of positive entrepreneurship to create a world where everyone has access to work wherever and however they choose, that enriches lives, and that contributes to more inclusive, more equitable and healthier communities.

Isabel Wu

Isabel is an organisational management expert who was honing her understanding and expertise in the digital future of work when the concept was in the future. Working at the intersection of futurism, business transformation, and human-centred design, and bringing together her experience in human resources, marketing and operations, she leads clients to take a practical approach to change. Her understanding of technology’s potential has shaped her approach to organisational development, encouraging her clients to develop the capabilities to build their sustainable futures.

Isabel’s deep knowledge of work, organisations and the impact of digital change have been captured in her book, The Michelangelo Project: Making It in the Digital Century Workforce, described as “transformative manual” for a world “changing in both exciting and daunting ways. Her book is the road map we need right now”.

Geoff Callard

When it comes to change management, there aren’t too many with Geoff’s knack of breaking down large problems into manageable, actionable steps that people at all levels of the organisation can understand and get behind. Geoff turns words like ‘values’ and ‘purpose’ into tangible actions, ensuring projects don’t just stay on track but deliver their intended value.

Geoff is an accomplished creative writer and published poet, skills which once had little in common with his corporate life. Today, however, imagination and illustrative language are recognised as powerhouse tools for critical and creative thinking, relationship-building and problem-solving.

The Michelangelo Project

The Michelangelo Project is a book from Meta Management founder Isabel Wu about the future of work and how we should respond to the challenges of the digital economy.

The Michelangelo Project answers many of the questions that keep people up at night when they think about the future of work. The book takes you on a journey from the beginning of change and those who faced it, through more recent periods and its impact on human work life.

Using stories to empathise how change has and will affect us all, The Michelangelo Project offers the reader a better pathway to approaching, responding to and considering their current digital challenges, and how to benefit from them.

I recommend this book to you if you are concerned that change is a recent phenomenon negatively affecting your work life; it is not. One thing is constant, and that is change.
Russell Bode
Managing Director - Inzenius